F-5A/B Pictures from 336sq 50th celebration.

Incl. 15 detail pictures of Tiger painted F-5A No. 134.

The two first pictures are taken by Captain Rudolf Holm. In my opinion he is the best air to air photographer in RNoAF.
F-84G Pictures of F-84G from 336sq. PX-C with and without wingtanks.

Detail pictures of F-84G from the Airforce collection at Gardermoen.

Mosquito Pictures of Mosquito FB Mk. VI from WWII and after 1945, incl. 2 color pictures of AB-F. .
Mosquito Pictures of 3 of the machines from pt 2 of the Mosquito decals. .
C-130H Many pictures of Norwegian C-130H. Interior, detail and 100.000h aircraft. .